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In-Service Continuing Education Credit Guidelines

All CASA Volunteers are required to have 12 hours of continuing education per calendar year.  All continuing education hours must be approved by your supervisor.  This list is not all-inclusive.  Please check with your supervisor to ask about anything not on this list.

What qualifies as continuing education?

  • Reading approved books and magazine articles and turning in required reports
  • Watching approved movies and turning in required reports
  • Attending webinars and turning in required reports
  • Attending monthly in-service sessions
  • Attending approved conferences & classes
  • Approved On-Line Training
  • Attending Advocate Support Group Meeting
  • Brown bag lunch with discussion between advocate and staff

Credit hours are rated as follows:

  • Reading an approved book and turning in brief summary including title, author, and number of pages
  • Magazine and newsletters related to child advocacy and written brief summary – 1 hour
  • Movies with written brief summary – 2 hours
  • Webinars – written brief summary – 1 hour
  • In-Service Session sponsored by CASA – 2 hours, or length of in-service
  • Conference – Hour for Hour Exchange (class is 2 hours then 2 hours of CASA continuing education is given)
  • Classes related to child development, child advocacy – Hour for Hour Exchange
  • On-Line Training – Hour for Hour Exchange
  • Attending Advocate Support Group Meetings – 2 Hours
  • Brown Bag Lunch with Staff – Hour for Hour Exchange

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